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Are you looking to transform your results while building life-long relationships and supporting others going through this journey together?

Mandy’s Group Coaching Programs are designed with a mastermind group concept where together we share experiences and learn from each other while you connect to your personal dream (get unstuck), define actions, and achieve breakthrough results. 



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Groups meet for an hour per week. You may attend private 1:1 sessions in addition to groups or choose to participate in groups only.

Group members may start out not knowing each other, who in a short amount of time are likely to view each other as a valuable and trusted sources of support.

Together groups will share knowledge and experiences in the real-life application of resources and tools provided through Coach Mandy’s programs. 

Next Sessions Starting Soon:

DreamBuilder - 12-week program
Into Your Genius - 6 week program
Working With the Law - 12 week program
Life Mastery - 6 month program 




I highly recommend Coach Mandy! If you are someone who feels as though you are not living with purpose, or you could be doing so much more but you are afraid to make a move, Mandy is your person. She will help you break down the lies you are telling yourself, build belief in yourself and help guide you through the gap. I shiver to think if I did not take the leap of faith and hire Mandy where I would be today, haha I know where I would be in a corporate job that did not fulfill me, still at the same level in Arbonne and my staffing agency would not be here to talk about.  




I started my Dreambuilder journey not knowing what to expect. I learned so much in the process, and I feel more confident in my abilities. This was the initial stepping stone I needed to progress in the direction of truly accomplishing my dreams. I am and will be forever grateful for attending this course.

- anonymous



My daughters and I went through her dream building program right before our storybook soccer season 💙⚽️❤️Team District, Region, and State Championship titles, both daughters earned first team all region and all state honors and my oldest daughter was named WV Player of the year and I was named WV Coach of the year...her program definitely helped us focus, set goals, make plans and get the right mindset to purse, create, and capture our magical season!!

- carrie plute hannah

custom group program

Would you love to have Coach Mandy facilitate a program for a group of people you are already working with? Maybe a club or group you are apart of? a small business? a group of family members? Reach out to Coach Mandy to learn more.